Our users’ most frequently asked questions

What is Youper?

Youper is your AI-powered assistant for better emotional health. It helps you feel your best with quick conversations and tools to take control of your emotional health.

It’s already helping thousands of people around the world reduce anxiety, feel more balanced, and live happier. Download the app in the Apple App Store and on Google Play Store.

Is it a human talking to me?

We’re blending artificial intelligence and effective psychological approaches into the world’s first emotional health assistant to deliver effective treatments that are more enjoyable and personalized to each user’s needs.

There aren’t any human operators, although our team of scientists and psychologists, led by Dr. Jose Hamilton, is always feeding Youper with the latest scientific research about the mind and the brain to support you better.

Why is Youper more than a chatbot?

Chatbot is a popular term for conversational interfaces that try to carry out basic conversations like a human would.

Assistants, like Youper, Google Assistant, and Siri, are more intelligent and can carry out a wider range of functions. For example, Youper can help you understand your emotions through visual interfaces, or voice-guide you in a mindfulness session personalized to your moment.

Is Youper free?

Currently, Youper and all of its features are totally free.

To continue our mission to ensure people can live happier lives and don’t have to wait years to start overcoming their difficulties, we are seeking a long-term sustainable business model. This means future versions of the app may require upgrading from basic to premium to access full features.

When that time comes, you’ll receive a notice of the changes long before the release of a paid version of Youper.

I'm seeing a therapist. Can I use Youper?

Of course. Youper is your personal assistant and works excellently alongside psychotherapy. You can talk to your therapist about the interactive tools you’re using and share your insights and breakthroughs.

Can Youper give a medical diagnosis, medical advice or treatment options?

Although Youper helps you take control of your emotional health, it does not provide a medical diagnosis. If you require medical advice, the best approach is always to consult your doctor or other healthcare professionals.

You can count on Youper to help you monitor whether you are improving or worsening over time, use insights to have more informed conversations with your doctor, and learn more with Youper’s content.

What's the difference between Youper and self-help books or courses?

Youper is much more than a book or a static course. It’s like your own personal Jarvis! Youper interacts with you, learns from you, and gets more specific to your needs over time.

It’s being fed continuously by our team of scientists and psychologists with the latest scientific research on emotional and behavioral health to help you feel your best.

Are you going to sell my data?

No, we are not. Youper does not get any personal or monetary gain from your private information or personal data. And we never will.

What does Youper do with my information?

Youper uses what it learns from you to become a better assistant and generate insights on how to improve your emotional wellness. From a security perspective, all data is stored in a safe and very restricted cloud infrastructure. It is not accessible to anyone, for any reason.

Is my information shared with other users?

No. All your information is completely private.

How do I report a bug?

If you think that you’re experiencing a bug, please tell us!

Before you contact our support team, make sure that you have the latest version of the app. Try to force quit/reset your app to see if the problem persists.

If that doesn’t work, send an email to [email protected]. Describe the bug as detailed as possible so that we can best understand and reproduce the issue. Send screenshots, if possible. They help a lot! Use the best email to reach you in case we need to get back in touch about the bug.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to report bugs. We couldn’t improve Youper without you!