Providing everyone on the planet with an Emotional Health Assistant

Youper was born from the idea that everyone can become the best version of themselves, like being a super you. In fact, Youper comes from the combination of the words You + Super! 🤩

Everyone faces emotional challenges, and sometimes they can get really heavy. One in four people in the world faces disabling emotional health issues, like anxiety and depression. Whether someone is dealing with anxiety or depression, or just hoping to become the best version of him or herself, we created Youper to provide extra support for each person’s journey towards happiness.

Youper’s concept came from the mind of a psychiatrist, a software engineer and a designer, who co-founded the company with the mission that everyone should have access to the help they need to overcome emotional challenges. Youper was created to be a self-care tool that can be used every day by anyone.

Now, with millions of users, Youper became a personal assistant that users love and feel compelled to share with people they care about.

Meet the team

Jose Hamilton Youper

Jose Hamilton Vargas, MD
Co-founder & CEO

Jose Hamilton is a clinical psychiatrist, author, and entrepreneur on a mission to change how people take care of their minds.

Diego Dotta Youper

Diego Couto
Co-founder & CXO

Diego Couto is a mix of designer, software engineer, and behavioral scientist, passionate about understanding users’ needs and creating amazing experiences for them.

Thiago Marafon Youper

Thiago Marafon

Thiago Marafon is a computer scientist that cares most about leading people to use technology to solve challenging problems.

Andrea Niles, PhD

Andrea Niles, PhD
Clinical Product & Research Lead

Andrea Niles is a clinical psychological scientist. Her passion is harnessing data to improve mental health treatments and using technology to disseminate them broadly.