We are on a mission to empower people to pursue happiness

What’s the next human quest? Clean energy? Space exploration? We believe that it’s the human mind.

After all, how can we save the planet or conquer space without understanding ourselves? How can humankind achieve great things while almost 2 billion people, a quarter of the world’s population are suffering from mental health issues?

We understand that everyone faces emotional challenges in life, and sometimes they can get really heavy, like experiencing severe stress, anxiety, or depression. However, studies show that it can take ten years for someone to find adequate treatment.

Youper was born from the idea that everyone can become the best version of themselves, like being a super you. In fact, Youper comes from the combination of the words You + Super. We’re using Artificial Intelligence to empower people to take care of their mental health.

Our vision is to provide everyone on the planet with Youper to be by their side in their journey towards happiness.

Meet the team

Jose Hamilton Vargas, MD
Co-founder & CEO

Jose Hamilton is a clinical psychiatrist, author, and entrepreneur on a mission to change how people take care of their minds.

Diego Dotta Couto
Co-founder & Chief Product

Diego is a mix of designer, software engineer, and behavioral scientist, passionate about understanding users’ needs and creating amazing experiences for them.

Thiago Marafon
Co-founder & CTO

Thiago is a computer scientist that cares most about leading people to use technology to solve challenging problems.

Andrea Niles, PhD

Andrea Niles, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Andrea is a clinical psychological scientist. Her passion is harnessing data to improve mental health treatments and using technology to disseminate them broadly.

Fabio Berger
Full Stack Developer

Fabio is a full stack developer, passionate about technology and always aimed to create custom solutions for user needs.

Otacilio Oliveira
Full Stack Developer

Otacilio Oliveira is a Full-Stack Developer fascinated about how technology can make things accessible.

Tamea Lanz
Customer Care Expert

Tamea is a passionate and patient problem solver and eager to assist you via the Youper customer support channels. She’s also enthusiastic about technology and helping people in general.

Daniel Antonio da Silva
Data Engineer

Daniel is a Data Engineer passionate about software development, research, and diffusion of solutions related to machine learning, data science, natural language processing, and its advances.

Do you want to be part of our team?

Our team is growing, so keep your eyes open for future opportunities.