breathing calms anxiety

How Breathing Calms Anxiety (And The Right Way To Do It)

People will tell breathing calms anxiety, but it's common for them to leave out the how. Think about it for a second. What's the first thing that someone says to you when they notice you are tense, upset, anxious or stressed? That's right, "breathe." For some (me included) this is…
most common fears

Humankind’s 10 Most Common Fears (And How To Overcome Them)

Real-life fears are much scarier than embellished scenes from a horror film, like a serial killer doll or flesh eating zombies. The most common fears cause more discomfort than your average spook and are more real and complex. For the person with the fear, it can be debilitating, preventing the…
conversation anxiety

4 Super Tips For Engaging Conversations

In our daily lives, we are required to interact with other people for many different reasons. Even ordering a hamburger at a fast food place requires social interaction – ideally, a positive one. Having social anxiety, however, makes many interactions very stressful. Here are four suggestions to ensure that your…

10 Must Dos When Making Friends

I’m writing this guide for my kids as they grow up and go out into the world — but it’s for anyone who wants to connect with others. I’m writing it for my teenage self, who was shy and awkward and self-conscious. I’m writing it as a reminder to my…

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