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We’ve helped thousands of people overcome anxiety and depression with personalized plans that work.

Mental health assessment  

Daily therapy exercises

Medication delivered to your door*

Regular progress check-ups

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Mental health assessment

Start with a free mental health assessment to understand your symptoms and build a personalized plan with all you need to feel your best again.

Daily guided therapy exercises

Get daily recommendations of therapy exercises guided by our AI TherapyTM technology to help you manage your feelings, thoughts, and behavior.


If prescribed, receive medications to support your mental health delivered monthly to your door.

Progress check-ups

Get regular check-ups to monitor symptoms and track your progress as you move closer to your goals.

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Mental health care for all

We understand that everyone faces emotional challenges in life, and sometimes they can get really heavy, leading to severe stress, anxiety, or depression. 

Sadly, our mental health care system is broken – studies show that it can take ten years for someone to get adequate treatment, and more than 50% of people don’t get treatment at all.

Our mission is to fix mental health care by making it accessible, affordable, and built for you.

Backed by science

Created by doctors, therapists, and you

Our clinical team is led by psychiatrist Dr. Jose Hamilton and therapist Dr. Andrea Niles. Millions of users like you have contributed with anonymous data to help our research team discover better ways to treat mental health challenges.

Clinically effective

In a study in collaboration with scientists from Stanford University, we found that using Youper for just 2 weeks was enough to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms by 20%.

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Family issues

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