Complete care for your mental health

Online medical visits, medication delivered to you, and therapy exercises available 24/7.
One simple plan.

“A truly holistic approach to wellbeing”

How it works

Mental health assessment

Get a free mental health assessment and start understanding your symptoms in minutes.

Talk to a medical provider

Hop on a video call with your mental health provider to evaluate, diagnose, and discuss the best treatment for you.

Medication delivered to you

If prescribed, receive medications monthly at your door at no additional cost.

Therapy exercises

Check in anytime you need emotional support and get daily therapy exercises to reduce anxiety and depression and improve wellbeing.

Monitor your mental health

Track your mood, monitor mental health symptoms, and track your progress.

Dedicated care team

Meet regularly with your care team of doctors, coaches, and pharmacists working together to take care of you.

Why people love Youper?

Because Youper is here to empower you!
Even the name Youper comes from “You” + “Super”. 

We all face emotional challenges in life. It’s not easy and it takes courage to reach out for help. When you are ready, we are here to support you. 

From the comfort of your home.
Available 24/7 on your phone.
No long wait times for appointments.
Private and confidential.
Tailored to your unique needs.
Medication and behavior change combined for long-lasting results. 

Everything in one simple plan to help you to feel your best

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Depression Treatment

Let’s talk about the components of successful depression treatment: you, medication, and behavior therapy.

Anxiety Treatment

Let’s talk about the components of successful anxiety treatment: you, medication, and behavior therapy.

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Created by doctors and therapists

Clinical leadership

The leadership of psychiatrist Jose Hamilton, MD, and therapist Andrea Niles, Ph.D. assures we are delivering the best quality and evidence-based treatments to our users.

Clinical effectiveness

A study conducted by scientists from Stanford University found that using Youper for just two weeks was enough to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms by 20%.

Mental Health America

We are proud members of Mental Health America, the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental health conditions.

Mental health care for all

We understand that everyone faces emotional challenges in life. It’s not easy. Sometimes challenges can get heavy, leading to stress, anxiety, or depression. 

Unfortunately, the health care system is not working well to support our mental health – studies show that it can take 10 years for Americans to access care, and more than half of the people who need care do not get it.

Our mission is to make mental health care simple, accessible, and affordable for everyone.