Give your employees instant mental health support at a fraction of the cost

Give your employees instant, private, and clinically validated mental health support with Youper, the award-winning mental health chatbot used by over two million people.
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Why do companies use Youper?

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Over 40% of employees need help, but less than 7% access EAP

Research shows that as many as 4 in 10 employees suffer from stress, depression, or anxiety, yet less than 7% are able to see a mental health provider or access Employee Assistance Programs due to stigma, limited access, and clunky experience user experience. Delayed mental health support results in worsening symptoms, productivity loss, and increased health claims and costs.

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More than 80% of users feel better with AI mental health support

Youper helped more than 2 million people get mental health support, with 83% experiencing improvement in symptoms, well-being, and life satisfaction. Youper has a unique combination of an advanced empathetic chatbot and evidence-based interventions - treatments that have been studied extensively and proven successful. Youper has been proven clinically effective by researchers at Stanford University.

How it works

Partner with Youper and start providing this benefit within days with seamless code-less implementation, so your employees can:

1. Complete a quick assessment

Download the Youper app and complete a quick assessment to help identify personal goals and screen for mental health symptoms.

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2. Get instant support

Talk to Youper for instant support and proactive recommendations to improve emotional health and achieve long-term goals.

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3. Track their progress

Track progress using clinically validated scales that can be shared with mental health professionals if needed.

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Private, secure, and safe

Privacy, security, and safety are our top priorities. Alongside strict safety protocols, Youper’s AI continuously monitors for crises and facilitates access to helplines and human support.

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We’ve touched more than 2,500,000 lives

Clinically validated AI for mental health support

A study from Stanford University showed significant improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety after just two weeks of using the Youper app.
Depression Reduction PHQ-9. A 4 week chart showing a decrease in depression.
Anxiety Reduction GAD-7. A 4 week chart showing a decrease in anxiety.

The most engaging app for anxiety and depression

Studies show that patient real-world engagement is a challenge to the effectiveness of digital solutions. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association identified Youper as the most engaging app for anxiety and depression.
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Mental health care that’s accessible for everyone

“During my career as a psychiatrist, I talked to more than three thousand patients. The most common thing I heard from them was that it took them years to get the help they needed.

Everyone faces emotional challenges, and no one should suffer in silence for years before finally accessing care.

At Youper, we are clinicians, engineers, and designers that have dedicated our lives to making mental health care accessible for everyone, one patient at a time"

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Jose Hamilton, Youper Co-Founder and CEO
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