Making mental health care accessible for everyone

From digital therapeutics to sessions with therapists to delivery of medication, Youper supports patients on every step of their journey and enables mental health professionals to provide high-quality, affordable care.
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We’ve touched more than 3 million lives

Youper has helped over three million people with a platform that adapts to patients’ needs, preferences, and budgets to recommend the most effective and affordable care for their mental health.
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 symptoms reduction
 in two weeks

Better outcomes in a shorter time frame

83% of Youper users experience improvement in symptoms and functioning in as little as two weeks, thanks to our focus on patients’ needs and commitment to evidence-based treatments.

Over 60,000 5-star reviews

Our users love how much easier we make it to care for their mental health — more than 60,000 positive patient reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars reflect that.
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I love my weekly video sessions, but being able to chat anytime and get instant help is what sets Youper apart from other therapy services I’ve tried in the past. It’s been life-changing.
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I started with Youper during the quarantine: it’s so convenient to be able to do therapy without leaving my home, and I love not having to spend a bunch of money on getting better.
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I know that medication isn’t for everyone, but it was life-changing for me. My doctor was very caring and helped me find the treatment that made me feel like myself again.

Effective digital therapeutics in the hands of patients

A study from Stanford University showed significant improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety after just two weeks of using Youper’s digital therapeutics.
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The most engaging digital health treatment for anxiety and depression

Studies show that patient real-world engagement is a challenge to the effectiveness of digital therapeutics. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association identified Youper among the top 10 most engaging behavioral health applications — the number one most engaging option for anxiety and depression.
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Mental health care 10x more efficient

Youper’s platform gives superpowers to mental health providers and makes care delivery more efficient, reducing costs and making treatments truly accessible.
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We support healthcare providers

Continuing an initiative that started during the COVID-19 pandemic, Youper offers digital therapeutics for anxiety and depression at no cost to healthcare professionals working in public settings or emergency services.

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We support students in underserved communities

Youper offers anxiety and depression treatment to students in underserved communities at highly subsidized or no cost sponsored by The Collective, an innovative impact program founded by Goodwater Capital.

Mental health care that’s accessible for everyone

“During my career as a psychiatrist, I talked to more than three thousand patients. The most common thing that I heard from them was that it took them years to get the help they needed.

Everyone faces emotional challenges in life, and no one should suffer in silence for years before finally accessing care.

At Youper, we are clinicians, engineers, designers, and caregivers that have dedicated our lives to making mental health care accessible for everyone, one patient at a time"

Jose Hamilton, Youper Co-Founder and CEO
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