Say Goodbye to Shyness With Youper: The Shyness App

Youper is an app for shyness, and it's for everyone who wants to develop more confidence, lessen anxiety and feel better about themselves.
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Is Youper really an app for shyness?

Youper is an app to help people with shyness, and social anxiety gain more confidence in social situations. We use neuroscience, design, and technology to deliver a solution that helps users develop social skills.

Who can benefit from an app for shyness?

Youper is for everyone who wants to develop more confidence, live with less anxiety and feel better about themselves.

If you can identify with any of the situations below, Youper is for you.

  • You would like to interact and socialize more with other people, but you doubt if you‘ll have enough confidence.
  • You feel anxious and worried when giving presentations or speaking in public.
  • Being the center of attention makes you feel uncomfortable or nervous.
  • You have a hard time expressing your opinion or asking for something you deserve because you care about what people will think about you.
  • Being nervous or uncomfortable in front of others has prevented you from doing something you wanted to do.
  • You stay at your current job or major because it prevents you from dealing with unfamiliar people.
  • You've avoided seeking new opportunities for fear of interacting with others or for fear of being anxious at a job interview.
  • You avoid dating because you're afraid of what might happen when you ask the person out or because you think you’ll be anxious during a date.
  • You limit your interaction with people because you're afraid to let them get to know you better, and you worry that if people know you better, they won’t like you.
  • People often comment that you're quiet, reserved or not very accessible in social situations or dating.
  • You’ve noticed yourself refusing invitations to social events because you assumed you would feel uncomfortable.
  • You've felt relieved when you learned that a particular social event was canceled.
  • You worry about getting flushed or looking nervous in front of others.
  • You're the kind of person who rarely initiates casual conversations with store clerks, neighbors, passengers sitting next to you, classmates or work colleagues.
  • Friends or family members say that you worry too much about what people think about you.
  • You feel embarrassed to eat or drink in front of other people.
  • You worry about not behaving properly during meals with others, and it embarrasses you.
  • You feel so nervous when talking to people that your voice is shaky, choked up, or you get short of breath.

If you still have doubts about what Youper is or how it can help you, see how it works.

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