A Social Anxiety Test That (Finally) Gives You More Than Numbers

Are those reactions you're having really social anxiety? Youper's social anxiety test tells you your social anxiety level with this short test.
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Time to face a social situation and, once again, you find yourself feeling like you need to flee from a predator. Why does this happen? Taking a social anxiety test is a perfect way to cross one of the possible culprits off your list.

Everyone is going to experience feelings of anxiety because of social situations at some point in their lives. But if what you are feeling is preventing you from experiencing the life you desire, it's important to know if what you are feeling is really social anxiety.

Why Take Youper's Social Anxiety Test?

Our quick social anxiety test is based on a survey developed by Duke University researchers. It's a proven way to determine your level of social anxiety.

The test presents you with seventeen different reactions to social situations that commonly provoke anxiety. For each one, you'll imagine yourself confronting the situation, then indicate how true the reaction is for you according to one of the five possible responses. It's important to answer the questions as objectively as possible. If you aren't completely honest when answering it will affect the quality of your results.

Your results come back as a number on a scale from one to one thousand. Additionally, you get a short description about social anxiety according to your level. Youper periodically asks you to take the test again over the course of your journey. This helps you track your progress.

Why Take Youper's Social Anxiety Test?

Getting the results of a short quiz are going to tell you what your social anxiety level is. But what can you do with that?

It's not enough to just see the results. After you see them, you need to take the next step. Youper's test is inside our free app, and once you finish the test you can continue learning about the causes of social anxiety. Once you know how your mind works, you can start changing how it reacts.

Taking a reliable test is important to learning about whether what you are feeling is social anxiety or not. However, it doesn't stop there. To really improve, you need to learn how social anxiety manifests so you can overcome it.

Youper's test will tell you your social anxiety level and then continue teaching you about what creates these reactions. This is the recipe for your journey to improvement.

What can I do with my test results?

Youper is more than a social anxiety test. Youper is an anxiety assistant, by your side at all times to provide support for personal situations, guide you through carefully crafted challenges, and even calm down in moments of anxiety or panic. It's a complete solution.

Learn more about social anxiety and the mechanisms of the mind as you embark on your journey to overcoming social anxiety. Youper will teach how all the pieces fit together and give you the tools you need for making changes. Download Youper and see what your social anxiety level is today

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