Artificial intelligence for mental healthcare

Youper is an AI research and deployment company dedicated to making artificial intelligence safe and clinically effective for mental healthcare.
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Artificial Intelligence to solve the mental health crisis

Mental health issues have a devastating impact on individuals, families, and society. Despite mental health spending reaching $225 billion in 2021 and an explosion of telehealth mental health platforms, most people still struggle to find high-quality, affordable treatment in the US.
An inefficient system and a limited supply of mental health providers combine to drive up costs without improving results.
Clearly, we need a new approach to solve this crisis, and we believe that Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful force to disrupt mental healthcare.
Line graph displaying years on the x axis (2000 to 2020) and spend on the y axis (0 to $250 billion). The line increases to $225 billion in 2021.

Safe and clinically effective artificial intelligence

The groundwork of Youper is evidence-based interventions - treatments that have been studied extensively and proven successful. Youper has been proven clinically effective at reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression by researchers at Stanford University.

Anxiety Reduction GAD-7. A 4 week chart showing a decrease in anxiety.Depression Reduction PHQ-9. A 4 week chart showing a decrease in depression.

The most engaging digital mental health solution

Our proprietary technology combines psychology and artificial intelligence to understand patients' emotional needs and recommend evidence-based behavioral interventions. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association identified Youper as the most engaging digital health solution for anxiety and depression.

Mockup of a phone with a blue screenChat notification "How can I help?"A choice of four replies: 1) Face my fears, 2) Stop worrying, 3) Reframe thoughts and 4) Set a goal.Chat notification "How are you feeling?"

Youper powers mental health care at scale

Youper is the AI-powered mental health platform helping providers, employers, payers, and life science companies reduce costs and make mental health care accessible to more people.
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Youper is the first responder for someone experiencing emotional health issues, making it easier to get support whenever and wherever required.


Youper is easily integrated into existing care workflows, increasing the reach of health professionals to support patients.

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Youper allows employers to provide better mental health care to employees, ultimately increasing the team’s productivity and motivation.


Youper helps payers answer the demand for parity with lower-cost and easily-accessible mental health digital solutions for their patients.

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Life Sciences

Youper is suitable as a companion application to a drug or potentially as a standalone prescription digital therapeutics.

What our patients are saying

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Youper uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, but by asking questions and learning what works for you, it makes you feel at ease and supported. It cannot replace a real therapist, but it is undoubtedly an excellent place to start.
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I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety my whole life, and even more so since the pandemic. A friend recommended Youper, and I decided to give it a shot. Within two hours, I felt completely grounded and much more clear-minded.
Photo of Paige, Youper patient
It’s not like talking to a real person, but it’s dang close. I’ve been in therapy before, and it sometimes feels very judgmental, but Youper gets rid of all that and saves the helpful knowledge and support. I love this app.
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