Youper for Therapists

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Created by Therapists

Created by a team of doctors, therapists, and engineers, Youper uses Artificial Intelligence to support users in taking care of their emotional health, applying behavioral coping skills, and monitoring mental health symptoms.

It works alongside mental health providers, leveraging adherence, engagement, and symptom monitoring between appointments.

How Therapists use Youper

Youper can be a powerful tool to help you and your patients track what is happening between sessions. It can also facilitate your patients’ practice with cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, and behavioral skills. With Youper, you can:

  • Review what happened with your patient during the week and what skills he/she tried in response
  • See the impact of each conversation with Youper on your patient’s mood so you can see what worked and what did not
  • Track symptoms over time to see the effects of your treatment on symptom reduction

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