Youper for Providers

Thanks for your interest in Youper. We share the same mission of empowering people to understand their minds and live happier lives. We also understand that it is a big challenge. We think that Youper can help you.

One of the major challenges for a therapist is understanding what is happening with patients between sessions. Homework compliance is often low, and there are few existing apps that patients will consistently use to monitor their emotions and thoughts throughout the week. Although many apps exist for mental health, retention is poor for most of them. Youper has the highest engagement and retention of any existing mental health app.


All of the content in Youper is developed by mental health professionals. Our team includes both mental health providers and researchers. We rely on scientific evidence to guide the development of Youper’s content, and we use data to guide its personalization to your patient.

Our team has affiliations with the University of California San Francisco, the Association for Psychological Science, the American Psychiatric Association, the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, and the Society for the Science of Clinical Psychology. We’re committed to developing a product that incorporates evidence-based approaches.

How Youper works

Youper is the first of its kind: an Emotional Health Assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to empower users to monitor and improve their emotional health through quick conversations based on therapy and mindfulness techniques.

With each conversation, it prompts the user to identify his/her emotion, select the factors contributing to that emotion, and describe the situations and associated thoughts. Youper then uses evidence-based methods to help the user regulate negative and augment positive affect.

Youper allows your patients to:

  • Track their emotions as many times as they want each day
  • Identify the factors that impact their emotions
  • Identify thoughts linked to emotions and discover cognitive distortions
  • Practice cognitive restructuring, acceptance, mindfulness, goal setting, and many more skills
  • Monitor symptoms using validated self-report scales

How Youper can help you

Youper can be a powerful tool to help you and your patients track what is happening between sessions. It can also facilitate your patients’ practice with cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, and behavioral skills.

Youper allows you to:

  • Review what happened with your patient during the week and what skills he/she tried in response
  • See the impact of each discussion with Youper on your patient’s mood (i.e. mood before and mood after) so you can see what worked and what did not
  • Track symptoms over time to see the effects of your treatment on symptom reduction

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