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Youper is the world’s first AI-powered emotional health assistant, born from the idea that everyone can become the best version of themselves. We’re blending artificial intelligence and effective psychological approaches to deliver treatments that are more enjoyable and personalized to each user’s needs.

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Founding date
Early 2016

San Francisco, California

Angel investment in 2017

Team size

The Youper Story

As told by Dr. Jose Hamilton, Co-founder & Psychiatrist

It all started back in my private psychiatry practice after talking to over three thousand patients. After a decade of helping people with a variety of emotional issues, like anxiety and depression, I realized that my patients all had one thing in common: they only reached me after exhausting every other possible resource.

“It took me years to even dare come here and seek help,” they would say.

“Years?” I used to think to myself. “How can that be?”

I was there for them. The medicine was there for them. The psychology was there for them. So why weren’t they accessing it?

A simple four-letter f-word was preventing them from seeing a professional: fear.

For a patient, a mental health professional can be intimidating, but medical schools and psychiatry residencies don’t teach young doctors and psychiatrists how to handle it. More than 45 million Americans suffer from emotional and behavioral health issues; however, studies show that it can take ten years to find an effective solution for someone suffering from conditions like anxiety and depression. These statistics only reinforced my initial feeling that  I had to do something.


How can technology boost happiness?

I have always believed in technology’s capacity to push humans to solve complex problems. It’s a belief that led me to found a social network for health to help patients share information and receive support, and I published books using digital platforms to provide the general public with evidence-based and easy-to-access information on emotional health.

Research shows that several psychological techniques can be delivered as self-guided approaches through the Internet, so I knew technology had an enormous potential to solve the problem my patients had faced before their first visits.

The solutions that were available at the time had significant engagement issues, which greatly affected their effectiveness. I decided to build an effective solution that users enjoyed and immediately started assembling a team with the synergic skills and grit to embark on the journey to create Youper.

We worked several months without rest to produce the first version, initially helping people overcome social anxiety and build confidence.

Within the first week of launching, our team received a great surprise: people all over the world were using Youper and leaving impressive, passionate feedback about their improvement and how the app was having a life-changing impact.

Our whole team celebrated, and we even had a small party to cement that achievement in our memories.


The moment of truth

After coming down from the excitement of the positive feedback, we turned to the data. People were, indeed, having significant symptom reduction, at least those who were committed to using the app.

I got a kick in the stomach when I saw our behavior analytics dashboard and saw that only a small percentage of users were really engaged.

What was happening? Where had we gone wrong?

The psychological protocols and techniques were in place, so we needed insights from users. Our data told us who was engaged and who wasn’t, and both groups had opinions that could help us understand what was working well and what wasn’t.

Through the user interviews, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. We realized the right solution wouldn’t be an app or an online program. The feedback showed us that people were looking for something more personal, like a confidant or a friend to share sensitive things with and get support.

At that moment, Youper Emotional Health Assistant was born.

To become this assistant, we researched a lot, went deep into technologies that could make the assistant a reality, like artificial intelligence, and pushed ourselves to the limit to create a fantastic user experience.

Our hard work proved worthwhile, as Youper became the most beloved assistant for emotional and behavioral health in the App Store and on Google Play. Don’t take my word for it, check out how we measure up to chatbots and similar apps in the stores.

Meet the Youper team

Jose Hamilton Youper

Jose Hamilton

Hamilton is a Psychiatrist with over ten years of clinical experience, author of two books, and founder of two digital health startups. He’s bringing to Youper his background in the intersection between business, science and the complexity of mental health care.

Diego Dotta Youper

Diego Dotta

Diego is a mix of designer and software engineer with over 12 years of experience developing educational and training games for the health sector. He’s bringing to Youper his passion for deeply understanding users through qualitative models and data analytics while using creativity to build amazing user experiences.

Thiago Marafon Youper

Thiago Marafon

Thiago is a computer scientist with over 15 years of experience developing complex systems and managing innovation teams. At Youper he’s coordinating a wide range of technologies, including artificial intelligence, to deliver an innovative product that it’s always evolving.


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Product facts

Youper is your AI-powered assistant for a better emotional health. It helps you feel your best with quick conversations and provides tools for you to take control of your emotional health.

Youper uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continuously learn from you, and it’s always being updated with the latest scientific research about the brain and mind.

Youper is available for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

The app is helping users around the world increase their happiness and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Eighty-three percent of users experience a reduction in negative moods after just one session.

Key features

Quick conversations that can change the rest of your day
Youper optimizes techniques drawn from different therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and personalizes them to fit your needs and style.

Calm down when you need
Relax using voice-guided mindfulness and meditation techniques made more effective and personalized to your moments.

Mood tracker
What makes you happy? Track your mood and discover connections between your emotions, activities, and thoughts.

Monitor symptoms
Screen for anxiety, depression and social anxiety symptoms. Monitor whether you are improving or worsening over time. Gain insights for making sustainable improvements and share them with your doctor.

Manage your health
Move your health forward by consolidating important emotional and behavioral data in one place.

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