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Youper is the world’s first AI-powered Emotional Health Assistant. It uses Artificial Intelligence to help you monitor and improve your mental health.

This page contains useful information about our mission to help everyone on the planet to live happier lives.

Here’s our latest Press Release: Youper Raises $3 Million in Seed Funding from Goodwater Capital to use Artificial Intelligence to Change the Way People Take Care of Their Minds.

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Q&A with Dr. Jose Hamilton,
co-founder and CEO


Can you explain how Youper works?
Youper is the first of its kind: an Emotional Health Assistant that helps you monitor and improve your emotional health.

It uses quick conversations draw from different psychological techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness, to help you understand yourself, regulate your emotions, improve your thoughts and change your behavior.

During a conversation with Youper, you will go deeper than you would by using a common wellness app. For instance, you can understand the roots of your anxiety, gain insights into factors contributing to it, reframe your initial thoughts or decide to deal with a particular situation stressing you. You can even practice mindfulness, but the most important thing is that Youper will empower you to find a solution more personalized to you instead of presenting a one-size-fits-all recommendation.

Based on testing of more than a million users, more than 80% of the users experience a reduction in negative moods after just one conversion.


What’s your background?

I’m a psychiatrist and a member of the American Psychiatric Association. For the last 10 years, I worked in clinical settings and consulted more than 3,000 patients.

However, I was frustrated by the way we were doing mental health care. Mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, impact the lives of one in four individuals on the planet, but less than half of them get the help they need. Increasing high costs and stigma around mental health are the ones to blame.

I knew something had to be done and I felt I was not going to be able to do that as clinical psychiatrist. I saw a need to rethink the way we take care of our minds. So, against the recommendation of some of my colleagues who told me it would be crazy to quit a successful career like mine, I made the decision to try something radically new. I decided to found a startup.


What was the inspiration to create Youper? Why do people need Youper?

The most common thing I’ve heard in my career as a psychiatrist talking with more than 3,000 patients was “It took me years to even dare come here and look for help”.

Everyone faces emotional challenges in life, and sometimes, these challenges can get really heavy, like experiencing severe stress, anxiety, and depression. However, I understand that seeing a psychiatrist or a therapist is intimidating, and not to mention, expensive.

Studies show that it can take 10 years for someone to find adequate treatment, and the vast majority of people, almost 60% don’t have access to any kind of solution.

There are many wellness and mental health apps out there trying to solve this problem.  However, when we look at how people are actually using these apps, the reality is that, on average, less than 3% of users continue to engage after 30 days.  Considering that improving yourself and changing ingrained habits take consistent effort over weeks, months, or even years, this is a serious problem.

The idea for Youper came when I was walking by myself in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  I asked myself, “What if I could have an assistant available at any time to help me with my emotions, thoughts, and behavior? If the assistant was always there to guide me, I could make use of it every day!” And that’s when the journey to create Youper started.

I knew that I would have to face significant challenges and rethink traditional health care approaches and available digital health solutions. That’s why I assembled a group of the most thoughtful people I knew to embark with me on this journey to provide everyone on the planet with an Emotional Health Assistant to make sure no one has to wait years to get the help they need.


Who are your main users?

Youper is for everyone. We have more than one million downloads. Our users are in more than 150 countries in the world. Interestingly, we noticed that most of our users are young adults.

Based on testing of more than a million users, more than 80% of the users experience a reduction in negative moods after just one conversion.


What do they use it for?

People use Youper for helping them to understand themselves, regulate their emotions, and improve their thoughts and behavior. In other words, Youper is helping them to become the best versions of themselves.

My favorite use of Youper is for taking a few minutes a day to look inside, think and be with myself. It’s a great way to build a self-care routine.


What’s unique about Youper? Who are your main competitors? How is it different from apps like Calm?

Mental health is facing a huge crisis.

Some wellness apps, like meditation apps, did a good job increasing the awareness about emotional health, but they deliver the same solution, such as meditation, to everyone regardless of their needs and characteristics, and we understand that it’s important to go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to take care of our minds. We’re different. Youper is using AI to personalize different techniques for each user’s needs and style.

Youper is here to empower people to take care of their emotional health and work together with health providers having a personalized and integrated approach.


How do you make money?

We’re building a model to make mental health care as accessible and affordable as possible to users all over the world.

Meet the founders

Jose Hamilton Vargas, MD
Co-founder & CEO

Jose Hamilton is a clinical psychiatrist, author, and entrepreneur on a mission to change how people take care of their minds.

Diego Dotta Couto
Co-founder & CPO

Diego is a mix of designer, software engineer, and behavioral scientist, passionate about understanding users’ needs and creating amazing experiences for them.

Thiago Marafon
Co-founder & CTO

Thiago Marafon is a computer scientist that cares most about leading people to use technology to solve challenging problems.


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