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Youper is a healthcare technology company dedicated to making mental health care accessible for everyone. Our end-to-end platform supports patients on every step of their journey and enables mental health professionals to provide high-quality and affordable care.
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It takes more than telehealth to solve a mental health crisis

Mental health issues have a devastating impact on individuals, families, and society. Despite mental health spending reaching $225 billion in 2021 and an explosion of telehealth mental health platforms, the majority of people still struggle to find high-quality, affordable treatment in the US.
An inefficient system and a limited supply of mental health providers combine to drive up costs without improving results. It’s clear that we need a new approach to solve this crisis.
That’s why we founded Youper.
Line graph displaying years on the x axis (2000 to 2020) and spend on the y axis (0 to $250 billion). The line increases to $225 billion in 2021.

Digital therapeutics empower patients to take control of their mental health

Our team of doctors, therapists, and engineers develop evidence-based digital therapeutics and put them into the hands of patients, without needing a prescription. Our proprietary technology uses a combination of psychology and artificial intelligence to understand patients' emotional needs and deliver behavioral interventions. A study from Stanford University showed significant improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety after just two weeks of using Youper’s digital therapeutics.

Mockup of a phone with a blue screenChat notification "How can I help?"A choice of four replies: 1) Face my fears, 2) Stop worrying, 3) Reframe thoughts and 4) Set a goal.Chat notification "How are you feeling?"

Our platform gives superpowers to mental health providers

Youper’s platform makes mental health care 10x more efficient by automatically triaging, collecting patients’ symptoms and history, highlighting risk factors, and regularly checking in with patients — so physicians, therapists, and other health providers have more time to spend addressing each patient’s unique needs.

Our platform enables care coordination between health professionals and streamlines every step of the patient journey, from digital therapeutics to sessions with therapists and delivery of medication when needed.

A laptop displaying the dashboard on the Youper platformVideo call with a Youper medical providerVideo chat with a Youper therapistChat notification "Here's my recommendation for this week"Notification "Reframe anxious thoughts - Learn to spot and change anxious thinking using a proven technique called cognitive restructuring". Background image of a person crossing a bridge.

A model of care that scales

By offering stepped layers of care that can be combined or scaled as needed, we make mental healthcare accessible to more people for a lower cost and enable treatment to be tailored to patients' unique needs.
Medical evaluation and prescription if needed
Patients’ first point of contact
Human care combined with digital therapeutics
Behavioral Coach
Digital Therapeutics

We understand and adapt to our patients

Our care model adapts to patients’ needs, preferences, and budget, to recommend the most effective and affordable resource.
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Moderate Anxiety
Mild Depression

Digital Therapeutics

Headshot of a Youper patient
Moderate Anxiety
Moderate Depression

Behavioral Coach

Digital Therapeutics

Headshot of a Youper patient
Moderate Depression
Life Challenges


Digital Therapeutics

Headshot of a Youper patient
Moderate Depression


Behavioral Coach

Digital Therapeutics

We’re building the future of mental health care

These are our principles:

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We empower patients

We see patients as co-producers of their own health. They’re at the center of everything we do. We give patients tools to help them understand their health, facilitate interactions with health care professionals, and monitor their symptoms. We empower them with digital therapeutics so they can bring the effectiveness of evidence-based treatments to their daily lives and get the help they need whenever and wherever they are.

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Our treatments are evidence-based

We believe that mental health care needs to be clinically effective and deliver actual results — the way to do that is by using evidence-based treatments. Evidence-based treatment (EBT) refers to treatment that’s been studied and documented extensively, and it has been proven to be successful. The goal of EBT is to encourage the use of safe and effective treatments that are more likely to achieve results and to lessen the use of unproven, potentially unsafe treatments.

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We adapt to our patients

Our stepped care model adapts to patients’ needs, preferences, and budgets, to recommend the most effective and affordable resource. Whether patients want to start with digital therapy, work with a behavior coach or licensed therapist, or meet with a medical provider for a prescription, our platform provides a solution for every step of the journey.

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Our approach is collaborative

Our platform facilitates frictionless coordination between health professionals to ensure wrap-around care for our patients. Our care team includes physicians, nurses, therapists, behavior coaches, pharmacists, and care coordinators — all of whom work together to support and provide the highest quality care for every patient.

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