I’m not receiving daily reminders

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Inside the Youper app:

  1. Check if Youper daily reminders are enabled (Me > Settings Icon > Daily Reminders)
  2. If enabled, try to disable, save, and enable again setting up 3 minutes after your current time.
  3. Close the app and wait the time setup.
  4. If you didn’t receive the message, follow the next steps.

Some Android devices have a setting that prevents many apps from triggering notifications when the app is not active. This function needs to be turned on so we can send you push notifications. A simple solution is to check your phone and see if this functionality is enabled.

  • Devices with Marshmallow OS or above (Android 6.0+): Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization. Make sure Youper is on the list of apps excluded from optimization.
  • Huawei: System settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps > enable Youper.
  • Lenovo: Settings > Power Manager > Background app management > flip Allow auto-start for Youper.
  • OnePlus: Settings> Apps > gear icon > Apps Auto-launch > enable Youper.
  • Oppo: Security Center > Privacy Permissions > Startup Manager > allowYouper.
  • Samsung: Settings > Security > Auto-start Management > Set Youper to “Allowed”. Also, you will need to exclude Youper from any of the battery optimization features on your device. For that go to Settings > Battery > disable battery optimization for Youper as well as checking to make sure the Restrict background data setting is disabled.
  • Vivo: Manager > App Manager > Autostart manager > allowYouper.
  • Xiaomi: Security > Permissions > Autostart > make sure Youper is enabled.

If none of this helps, go to Settings > Apps > Select Youper > Battery > then choose optimization and disable battery optimization.

If your device is not on the list try to search for “push notifications not working” + add your phone brand or operating system name.

If any none of those steps fixed the problem, please contact your team using the support form.

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